The City Spree

Sunday, June 1. 8am.

The City Spree.


5K. No Course.

The City Spree is a city-wide race...without a course. Runners and walkers create their own path through the city to discover its secret places and hidden gems. Individuals and groups are welcome, as racers compete on speed, distance, and cleverness--as long as they make it back in time. This year, the race is showcasing neighborhoods in the East End, and helping to support the Community Lawns project.


How it Works

Unlike a normal road run, racers in The City Spree start in the middle of the race course at GTECH Strategies, and are surrounded by checkpoints on all sides. Racers choose their own path from checkpoint to checkpoint, winding their way through the city's neighborhoods and discovering the hidden connections between them. Every checkpoint adds to the runner's score as racers compete to make the most unique route through the city...but everyone must make it back before time runs out.